#25MoreDays #WHAT?!

To my Dear Friends and Family,

What the heck is happening?! How did I go from not having a mission call, to being 25 days from the MTC (missionary training center) in a mere 12 days? Well, that’s where we are at folks, and I have never been more excited. The idea of serving the Lord for two years in the beautiful (and mountainous, and uh, dessert-ous) California literally gives me chills. I figured I could take a moment to write some thoughts down while I am close enough to taste the #SoCal air, but far enough to still be sitting on the couch and watching Guardians of the Galaxy (its great, I highly recommend it).

Let me start by saying that the idea of leaving the great state of Florida for any period of time is a little unsettling. Its great here. I love the beach, and I love my friends. I ESPECIALLY love my sweet family, who I owe everything to. I will miss all aspects of this place, and my excitement for serving this 2 year mission stem not from the leaving, but for what will be gained from doing this great work.

My brain is rattling off a thousand scriptures, but I am going to save some for the end. For now, if you want to know where my brain is, just read all of Alma and Mosiah. If you are a little lost on what that meant, then you have no idea what the Book of Mormon is, and you probably have skewed ideas of what happens on these missions where guys and gals (did I really just say “guys and gals?!) dress up in church clothes and walk around, and  so I would love to help ya out. In this next segment I am going to be talking about exactly what I will be doing as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Get stoked, will ya?!

Missions for the LDS church are full time. Its 24/7 volunteer work, and its not all proselyting! Contrary to very popular belief, Missionaries


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