Foreward: #rancho

Good Morning!

So we are going to kick off this whole email thing with a first email, as I prepare to enter the Missionary Training Center today! I am so excited! But let’s go ahead and start this off like I will every week, and tell you what’s been going on! I imagine this email will be a little different than the rest! 😉 Let’s do this!

Monday I woke up at 4 am, and did all of my last minute packing (mom and dad, sorry about the messy room). Mom and dad took me to the airport, easily one of the saddest and exciting car rides ever. I held it all together though, about until I was dropping my checked bags off at the counter, and the guy at the counter says, “Mr. Wilhelm, thank you! I appreciate you, God bless”. Literally lost it. Poor guy had no idea why my face was contorting into this hot mess, but I just said thank you and got the heck out of there! I was so grateful for his words though, I just felt all of the love in the world right at that moment and I was so grateful for this opportunity to serve.

The plane ride was great, I may or may not have watched parks and rec silently as it played in the plane.

The Hintzes (family of a missionary who is currently serving in Tallahassee) picked me up at the airport, so grateful for them! Two of my favorite little kids in the whole world were with them (picture included, yeah I took it, what’s is to ya?!). We did a little shopping, then headed home before lunch for Buster’s (little dude on the left) birthday! We had zupas. Delicious.
To summarize the rest of the day: buster got a bike, I got a hair cut, and I totally fell asleep during Meet the Mormons because I was exhausted! (I hear it’s good, go and watch it?)

Tuesday I got up and big bad Brent Hintze dropped me off at the Salt Lake City Temple to meet one of my favorite people, Tanner frederiksen! What a blast! We caught up, went to the temple, took the picture I’m attaching to this email, met up with the Hintzes for lunch (aren’t these Hintze people just so great?!) and then departed. I got to spend a little time with two other really cool kids, Dylan and Claire (I promise they are adorable as well, although not pictured) at the play ground.

Have you ever even heard of Huntsville, Utah?! If not, google it or something! So beautiful! We went and spent last evening having a bonfire and it was just about the most therapeutic thing ever. Loved every second of it. I fell asleep again on the car ride back.

And alright! Look where we are! In 7 hours I’ll be chilling in one of the coolest places on earth! Everyone, I am just about jumping for joy at this chance to serve the Lord for two years. I love this gospel, and I love Him. So much.

And I love all of you (and especially my mom and dad, the two most perfect people on the planet).

Keep doin what you’re doin! Talk to you next week!

Love forever,
Elder Wilhelm

Some pictures taken before Taylor entered the Missionary Training Center

image-1IMG_5504 IMG_5505 IMG_5506 IMG_5508 IMG_5510


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