Email #2

Good Morning Friends and Family!

It sure is a happy wednesday here in PROVO, UTAH!

I am having a good time the MTC! Its good, stressful, happy, and whatever! You get the gist.

Funny story about me being an awful person and being stressed out, (back story, I am in a trio) one of my companions put on his suit coat as we were going to teach one of our investigators. The other two of us were not. I said, “Elder Kelly, we don’t need to wear our coats, we will have time to come back to the class before the devotional”. and he said, “Oh, well I am wearing it.” Getting frustrated, whilst getting my books together, I said, “Well, two of your companions are not. I invite you to reconsider.”

He is super stubborn, and so I was so impressed when he just said, “youre right”… and I immediately felt awful and apologized like 6 times, and he was cool with it. We are on good terms. ha.

Lets talk about the MTC!

So! Wednesday, I got dropped off. Such a crazy experience. It did not at all hit me until we were in the drop off, so I just hugged some cute Hintze relatives and headed in the door. The MTC is a beautiful building. I got my tags, dropped off my bags and headed to my class. I just started laughing like a crazy person as I walked up to my class, and then I met my companions and it was so chill. I gave them hugs, and they didnt really seem like hugging people, but Oh well, we all got over it quickly. We had a devotional with the MTC presidency, and all of the new missionaries were just chillin in one room (300+, there are 600+ more coming today) it was way good. we had class, unpacked, got to know our district, etc.

Thursday! We had classes, and a little workshop on how to teach. That night we had a meeting with our branch presidency (Like our bishop and our church clergy while we are here.) I found out I was District Leader. Its whatever. I love it. Basically because our district is so perfect. Thursday night I saw Lauren Herzog (awesome temple guys daughter). We see each other like 10 times a day, which makes is super difficult and awesome. I love her.

FRIDAY! probably my fave MTC day so far. We went to watch Elder Perrys funeral. I Cried like Heather Munns. It was so great.

Saturday we had service, and a District PowWow because we were all feeling a little bummed about teaching and everything.

(We have three investigators right now: one who is our teacher, named wyatt. One named sharon who wants to believe in god but is super scared, and another who I just randomly contacted on Campus the the other day. We dont get to find out if these people are real until after we leave the MTC)

Sunday was sunday. Fast and testimony meeting, so good. We got to watch this talk by Elder Bednar called Character of Christ. I wish I had more time to talk about it.

Monday and Tuesday have been the same. just teaching learning, etc.

we got to walk around the temple sunday. and we are going today! for a sesh! so fun!!!

What else… I see people I know everyday: Herzog, Madsen Senden (He left yesterday) so we always hugged for a really long time when we saw each other, Justin Tippets, BERTOLDO ( so weird), and Angy Morris’ sister…. ha, so weird.

Okay, ill send some more pics, SO out of time! I love you all!

IMG_0028 IMG_0050 IMG_0051 IMG_0057 IMG_0017 IMG_0026 IMG_0027 IMG_0056


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