Email #3: Greetings from the High Desert!

Holy Hi!

I am so excited to be emailing you! (even though I have zero time)

okay, so since the last time we have all spoken, I have been cast out of the MTC, arrived in California, and am in a place called Apple Valley. It is the Desert. It is super super hot. Like today it will be 108, and that is mild. But it feels way nice to me because of no humidity. Okay lets get started!


So the remainder of the MTC was a lot like the beginning: a lot of learning, a lot of teaching, a lot of feeling the spirit. It was cool. The new districts came in and were right out of high school and were all really good kids. We absolutely loved them. It was super hard to say goodbye to my teachers at the end of it all. My one teacher, Sister Mitchell, is easily one of the most perfect people on the planet. She was such a good example, and I was so grateful to have known her.

We left the MTC around 10 am, got on a bus, got to a train station. It was super weird, I kinda felt like I was emigrating to another country. We all just had our giant bags and were either sitting and waiting or running to catch the trains. We talked to this woman named Jessi ( we contacted her, yeah, we were being real missionaries) and turns out she was from Rancho! She was a convert and so I took down her families info, and I hope to see them one day! We got to the airport, checked our bags,and got on the plane. when we got to Rancho, President and Sister hobbs, and the assistants were waiting for us. We had dinner at the mission office, took care of some things, and then we slept at the assistants.

I met my trainer! Elder Nathan Jones from Kaysville, Utah. Let me just talk about him for a second. He is just about one of the greatest people I have ever met. He wants to work hard all the time, and so we get along so well. we all know how stubborn and hard-headed I am, and he is just way patient and is just really, really great. I love him a lot.
We got a lot of the business stuff taken care of. Because of my lengthy driving record, there is a chance I may not be driving. I am not too upset, haha. We got my bike and then drove up from rancho to Apple Valley.

Apple valley is cool. Its like a mix between Holopaw and BVL, but a lot classier.

We had dinner today with a super cool family!

Okay I am running out of time, I will be better next week. BUT:

Cool experiences:
We are teaching a 15 year old who has some really rough family life. He has been in and out of Juvey, but has been coming to church for weeks. We will know more about him next week. His name is Mikey.

We are working with a lot of less- actives. We have had a lot of success with calling/ visiting them. PS we whitewashed in to our ward, so that means that both Eler Jones and I are new to this area. which is super cool.

I had a flat tire one day, and we fixed it with glue and a band-aid. We are crafty..

I wish I had more time! I will be better next week, I promise!

But I am having so much fun, and I love it here. I know that this gospel is so true, and I am so grateful for the atoning sacrifice of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, everyday! I love being a missionary, and I love YOU ALL!!!!

talk to ya soon!

Elder Wilhelm!

IMG_0232 IMG_0239 IMG_0243


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