Email #4

Hello everyone!

This week I have learned a lot. I feel like I am constantly becoming more and more in love with this work. On Tuesday, I was on exchanges with a little missionary named Elder C. He was a goofy guy. We were talking to this lady, and managed to basically teach her the first lesson of the Gospel. She was appreciative, but didn’t really want to meet again. Which was totally cool. But yesterday, we were coming home from dinner, and we saw her sitting outside again! This time with Elder J, we went up and just talked. We talked a lot about what we do as missionaries, and our schedules and about how happy it makes us. we talked for about 5 minutes, and we just watched as she became more and more open and excited to learn more. She had to go finish cooking dinner, and so we just said, “Hey we will see you around!” and she said, “yeah, come back for water or anything anytime.”

As we were leaving, Elder J and I started talking about how the Spirit had so strongly urged us not to leave any invitation (which is one of our companionship goals: we always set appointments, or ask them to do something) but we both felt like we just needed to talk. That has been the theme of this week: learning and understand how the Holy Ghost speaks to us, and helps us as missionaries. It is so amazing to understand the God has amazing plans for this woman, and we are only the vessels. So we are expecting to see her out again soon in our daily bike riding excursions. Pray for Bi! Shes a cool lady 🙂

Let me also tell you about M! M is our progressing Investigator. He is a champ. holy moses. So he claims to do a lot of MMA… we aren’t too sure if its true, but he was in Juvey for a bit for fighting. He has been coming to church for months. Last week, he was talking to Bishop (Bishop B, he is amazing!) and he was asking if he was already a Mormon. Bishop talked to him about how he was more than welcome to say he was, but he could talk to the missionaries if it was something he really wanted to pursue! and so on tuesday we were able to teach him the restoration. It was an amazing experience to really teach! The spirit was so strong, and M had some amazing questions.

He has a rough life, and jumps from his Mom to his Dad to his Granddad. SO he loves being at church and he was so amazed with the simplest of Doctrine like Knowing that God is our loving Heavenly Father. That stuff that we always take for granted! It is amazing to watch it change someone’s life!

I am trying to think about fun things to tell you all. We played dodgeball on Monday, so I tore it up. It was way fun. today we are playing basketball with the young men. We are kind of on Clean up crew: the last missionaries didn’t do such a great job of setting a good example, and so we are reestablishing a lot of expectations with members and stuff. Which really is such a blessing of whitewashing (two new missionaries coming into an area).

Well, that is all for today, I reckon. I miss you all dearly.

We think our mail may be being held at the post office for the time being, but if ya send it there, I will get it eventually. HEY!
talk to you soon!


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