Email #6: Down the Hill and Up the Hill

The subject of this email has a little to do with the fact that we drove “down the hill” (and out of the dessert) this week for a 4-week missionary meeting, and a little to do with the fact that it was surely a week of hills and valleys. That is not at all a bad thing! I have become way too grateful for little challenges! They are awesome. You can never grow if things don’t get hard, am I right?! So little trials are my new favorite thing.

(That intro sounded so much like a missionary, who am I becoming?!?!)

Let me tell you a little about this week:

Preparation day. ‘Twas a good one. I love dodgeball SO much, and so I love P-days and I love when we play dodgeball. We went shopping, and all that P-day stuff. We don’t ever do anything super fun on p-day, we just kinda chill until 6. So at 6 we had dinner with this family, the Heywoods. They are super nice people! So they invited us to stay for Family Home Evening (family night) and so we stayed and helped with the spiritual thought and then played the game with them. It was fun. I struggle with stuff like that, Monday nights could be a great time to go out and work and find people, but I did love being there and enjoyed playing a game with them. But it was good and I love the Heywoods! They are a cool family.

Tuesday we had Zone Meeting. Elder Jones and I gave a training on Accountability. It was a good training! It was a good thing to learn, too. Something I have probably needed to mull over a little.
We practiced for the talent show that we are doing on July 25th… Elder Jones and I, and the Sisters are singing the efy Medley from 2001. It is hard, but good. We had a lesson on Tuesday Night with a man named Mike Sluder (different than Mikey, we are currently teaching three Michaels). We have been praying about Mike like crazy! He is married to a member, who is distantly related to Elder Jones, and so he has had a lot of pressure about this lesson. The lesson was great; he was not too interested. We were so sad after! The spirit was so strong! and he just said, “no thanks”! But, what we were so grateful for was the love that we had grown for him in such a short time. We are grateful that we were able to teach him!

4-week meeting! It was SO good. We got to spend some time with President and Sister Hobbs, and with a lot of the missionaries from my District in the MTC. I was pretty stoked. Then Elder Jones got sick. (He did eat a lot of Hot wings, so I am not sure if that had anything to do with it…

We chilled inside all day. It was the worst. Elder Jones slept off his sickness, and I just read and stuff. I got super frustrated on this day because I felt like we weren’t working very hard. typical greenie fire, I reckon. I got over it!

Friday we weekly plan. ALL DAY YET. well not all day, but, close.

Saturday was a breath of fresh air! We woke up and did service for a less-active member. Have you ever heard of a hula-hoe?! I had not before the other day. We did work on this ladies yard, it was pretty great. Hey, we had a lesson with Mikey! He is the man! You can literally see a physical change in this kid as he is changing his life. It is amazing. He is just eating up the gospel!

Church! Church is the best! I love seeing everybody! We went and talked to a bunch of people. I love Sundays. People are so friendly, and they just love to talk about Jesus.

Ok, well, I think thats all I got. I love you all! Have a good week!

IMG_0026 IMG_0029 IMG_0030


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