Email #10

August 10, 2015

Good Monday Afternoon!

This week, Briana (one of the sisters’ investigators) was baptized, and it was a truly incredible experience! I am so grateful for the ordinance of baptism and the joy that it brings for those being baptized, and to those who have the privilege of witnessing it. I gave two talks this past week! One at the Baptism (on baptism) and one on the talk by Elder David A. Bednar, “Therefore they Hushed Their Fears”. Here is something that I feel strongly about after these two awesome experiences: This world will throw trial after trial at us! We will be tested and have such hard, hard times. However, when we have a very basic knowledge that God is our loving Heavenly Father, we need not fear! He is in control, and that is so humbling and empowering!

This week was full of cool experiences! Monday, we played dodgeball. You all know how much I literally LOVE dodgeball. SO fun. After P-day we went to do a Family Night at some members’ home. We played head, shoulders, knees and toes.

We repainted a parking lot for a campsite at a national park later in the week. it was SO beautiful, there was real grass, and a river! I was in heaven, and I got a killer tan. I love chances to serve! What an excellent chance to get to know people! It was so great. We taught a super cool lady named Asia, she was the bomb! I love that as a missionary we just simply, all day long invite people to come unto Christ. So fun. We were also able to go and give a blessing to an older lady who is having some hip trouble. It was incredibly spiritual. I love the priesthood and what it can do for people!

We have had some amazing experiences with Street contacting! Basically we just go right up to people outside and we talk to them about what they are doing in life, and when you wear that name badge, people talk to ya! Twice this week we were talking to people and they said, “earlier today I was praying for guidance, and I just feel that this is how God is answering me right now!” We love that kind of faith!

I hope everyone is doing well! I love you all!



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