Email #11

August 17, 2015

I first of all want to apologize for talking so much about the “dessert”. I would like to assure you all that I am in fact, in the ‘Desert’! #embarrassed

this week was absolutely fantastic! We have been teaching this wonderful lady named Sandy! She is a genius! It is so much fun teaching someone so smart, but so humble. She asks so many great questions! I got to bear my testimony to her about how we can come to rely on the Savior as we go throughout our daily struggles, and I love the special Spirit that is in the room when anyone talks about Jesus Christ. I have come to love Him and appreciate His sacrifice so, so much since I have been out here. It is amazing! At the end of the lesson, we invited her to bring her kids in for the prayer, and that was such an amazing experience.

We bike, ALL the time, and that to me is so wonderful! we just get to meet people and talk to them, and that is just such a blessing! The other day we were biking and were able to help a man move some heavy furniture, and he opened up and told us the reason that he had it was because his mother had just died and his siblings were trying to throw it all away. It was such a precious, sacred moment to be around this man as he spoke of the love he had for his family; I LOVE MY FAMILY! We were also able to help a kid named Andrew do his chores outside the other day. I love the chance I have to be out here, to serve those we see, and to serve the Lord! I love being a missionary!

Alright, So the pictures that I have for you this week will be on the blog, so go and check that out!

I love you all! have a wonderful week!

DSC_7893 DSC_7910


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