Email #13

August 31, 2015

On Wednesday, I am turning 21 years old! That is so crazy! I feel like I am an old man.

Alright, so this week was really cool. We found a new investigator, we had a great district meeting, we talked to a lot of people!

So this week, I took some extra time to write thank you letters to all of the families who had fed us this past month. It was amazing to me how much that small gesture meant to them! I think it is so easy to forget those little things that we can do to make others around us feel appreciated.

Just a quick update: transfers are coming up! This transfer absolutely FLEW by, and on September 3rd, I hit my THREE month mark! How is that even possible?! Time is flying by SO fast. I would recommend mailing anything to the mission office until I am sure that I am staying in Apple Valley. I have loved this are so, SO much. I love the members here! They are so supportive and we have had so many sacred experiences in the homes of those that we have dinner with. I will be SO sad if I leave!

Let me tell you about a quick miracle we saw this week:
On Thursday, we walked outside and my bike had a flat tire (we are pretty used to it by now; it happens weekly), and so I turned it upside down and left it. We had a lesson with a guy that we had met the night before, and so we headed out on foot. It was about 2.5 miles away, and it was about 105 (it is 89 today, such a blessing!) We talked to people on the way, and made it to our lesson just a few minutes late. The lesson was AWFUL. The guy was not interested, he was on his phone, and finally he just said, “Hey, I am super busy. Thanks for this, but I don’t really want any more”. We bore our testimonies, said a prayer, gave him a Book of Mormon, and told him we would come back another time.
We left and headed up the street to go and talk to another guy we had met earlier in the week. He was not home, and now we were about three miles away from home, its was about 3:20, and we had an appointment at 4 with a recent convert. We headed down the road with a sense of urgency, and suddenly the thought crossed my mind to say a prayer. We stopped on the side of the road, and I prayed boldly for the hole in the tire to be sealed, so that we could make it on time to our next appointment on time.
We made it home, and I ran into the garage, pumped up my tire, and then we headed out to our lesson. The tire was sealed! We thought for a long time about what could have sealed the tire: was there a little left over sealant from a previous flat? Did something get lodged in there that filled the hole? But we knew it did not matter; God wanted me personally to realize that He is so involved in everything that I do here. I was so grateful for that little miracle!

So Ulysses is our new investigator. He is a great guy! He is searching for truth. He talks a LOT, and so our lessons are a little hard to control, but he has a lot of great insights.

Sandy, our other investigator, is doing ok, but she has been hard to get a hold of. Pray for her! We got a text from her that said she was not very excited about coming to church, and so she was not going to come. We have a lesson with her on Wednesday, and so we will see what is going on.

We had a pass-off lesson, and picked up an investigator named Danny. He has been coming to church with his girlfriend for quite a while, and so we are excited to be working with him. He has a lot of health issues.

We are continuing to work with the Less-Active members of our ward. We love them!

Alright, Well, Have a great week, Okay?!

Sorry, no new pictures this week, But I will take a lot this next week!




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