Email #16

Well Hello there! I certainly hope this email can make up for how awful I have been at emailing lately! 1st off, let me begin by saying that I LOVE being a missionary! It is seriously the coolest, happiest, scariest, thing, but it is just so wonderful, and there is nothing in the world that will ever be the same as this, and that is just so crazy cool to me.

So, my emails would not show it, but we have had a lot of really cool experiences over the past few weeks!

First of all, General Conference was seriously the greatest of all experiences. Hearing from those men is always so powerful! I loved Elder Holland’s talk, seriously I cried like a baby. I believe every word he said about a Mother’s love being as close to the Savior’s love as we could experience here. So touching.

Sidenote: the building that we meet in is the Stake Center, AND it is almost identical to the stake center in Tallahassee, so when we watched conference, and when we are in the cultural hall, it is the strangest experience! It is like being right there again!

Okay! So we are teaching an awesome family. They are Seventh Day Adventist, and they know their Bible! We found them by tracting, and we set up an appointment and came back a few days, and they brought us in and fed us dinner and asked a bunch of questions. We had been practicing teaching the Restoration through people’s questions, and so it was awesome, we taught an awesome restoration lesson, and they invited us to come back. It was really super awesome. We have been trying to go back and see them, so we will see how it all pans out!

There are two awesome Less-Active families that we have been working a lot with, and we are seeing so many miracles with them. One of them, the W__ Family, has a little son named F___. He is the nicest kid. He had been struggling a little with his attitude the past few months, apparently, and they found out it was because he has lost most of his vision in one of his eyes. Poor guy. So they have been running around with Doctor’s appointments, and they are trying to find out what is going on with the little guy. We were able to go with a member of the bishopric to visit them and give blessings to Finn and the rest of the family. They all were at church this past week, and Finn is going to be in the Primary Program. It is amazing to see this family grow together and closer to the Lord in this hard time.

We also have an appointment later this week with a single mother and her two daughters. They are also an awesome family.

We are working hard, and we love seeing the success from it.

I love you all! Hope you’re having a great week!


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