Email #18

Alright, ended up with the computer with an hour time limit again, pretty bummed, but oh well!

How was your week?! If you don’t already know, Southern California has BEAUTIFUL falls, so it is basically like 75 degrees every day! Literally, so awesome! I love it.

We have a new investigator named Richard, who is seriously just so excited to be baptized. He wants to be baptized before his grandmother passes away and to be a good example for his son, who is not living with him. Richard is an awesome guy, he came to church, and really just loved it. He is the one who flagged US down on the road and asked if we would give him something to read. pretty awesome!

In other news, we have an investigator named Thelma, who is also really solid. She loves church and comes every Sunday- but she lives outside of the mission. We were advised to teach her for now, but she will continue with other missionaries later down the road. We teach her at her work, in a barber shop. It is pretty interesting, but a lot of fun. Sometimes we sort of have a crowd.

The Kitts, the LA family that is trying to quit smoking, are doing great, Borhter Kitts is now the Elder’s Quorum Secretary, he is an awesome guy, so dedicated. I love him.

I am a happy missionary! I love this gospel, it is all about making people the happiest they can be, and that is so beautiful.

I love you all! Be happy!


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