Email #20

December 14, 2015


I would like to apologize for not writing emails, there is no excuse, so I won’t make one! BUT, what I will do is try and make up for it by writing a super good email!

First of all, if you already haven’t, go and check out ! I like both of the videos… but holy cow, the little black kid is the biggest champion! What a boss! And I love the perspective of the animated video. We showed that one to a Less-Active family last night, and it was so amazing to watch it click with the kids. Christmas is about the Savior! I love it!

Alright, just to recap, Transfers were about 2 weeks ago, I got a new companion, his name is Elder Harris, he has really nice hair. He has been out for 10 months, so just a little longer than I have. He is a good guy, has a lot of energy and spunk! With every companion there for sure is an adjustment period; my last companion was SUCH a mellow guy. He was not at all emotional, and he loved to work hard. Elder Harris seems to be a little more emotional, and is always looking for fun! Not at all a bad thing, just little differences that make being a missionary so much fun. For instance, we lock out bikes up after we travel to each appointment, and each day we switch off who holds the keys (and the U-lock is always connected to my bike). I have had three different companions, and each time we have formulated a different way to work together as a team to lock up our bikes.

It is fun to see the changes that happen!

Okay, the exciting stuff:
I introduced Richard a few weeks ago, he is doing good, but moving soon! We are working with him still, and we hope he continues progressing.

The Kitts’! Remember them? They are having a really rough time. We did the stop smoking program with them, but they weren’t able to do it, and a unfortunately, CJ Kitts was hospitalized a little bit ago for a preexisting condition. SIster Kitts, however, had an event that she organized for the homeless in Upland, and we went and helped her with that. These are seriously some of the best people, we love them.

We have a new investigator! I have to tell you this story… (maybe not one for the blog)
So there is this family that we go and visit. They have been members of the church for a long time, but they are really busy, and have had a lot of trouble coming to church and just being active members. So we go and try and just help give them experiences that will help them ‘come unto christ’. SO, this family Lives in a 2 bedroom, TINY apartment in California. Just to map out the family there is RON SPEARS (The dad) and BRENDA SPEARS (The mom). thats all of them… just kidding. (jokes like that aren’t as funny over email, oops). RON was married before he married Brenda, and he had four children before they were married, named (THIS IS THE BEST PART!!!!!) RON, JR., DeRON, RONnekka (RON-ee-kuh) and…. wait for it…. WAIT FOR IT…. WAIT… FOR… IT………..

(not gonna lie, I am laughing SO hard at my own formatting of this story.)

but anyways, the only one of those kids who lives with them is Ronnekka. and she is super cool. and so RON and BRENDA have 3 kids (Ryan, Aaron, and Brandon) and Aaron and Brandon live at home, and are members of the church.

Alright, and so Ronnekka has not been baptized and never really came to church with the rest of her family even when they were going. But this past time, we talked to her a lot about giving her life over to God, and how when we trust Him, He lets us know what it is that we are supposed to do in order to follow him. So we asked if we could start helping her with that, and she said YES! and so we are so excited! We really feel like if she can take these steps, then the rest of her family will follow behind and want to start living the gospel themselves. SO HAPPY!

Alright, that is enough for today. I miss you all, I am a happy guy!

I love ya! Have a good week!


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