Email #21

December 21, 2015

Hello Friends!

Alright, so this was another great week! How great is it that Christmas is so close? Weird!

so we have been giving out a lot of ‘A Savior is Born’ cards, SO FUN! We try and get people to watch it right away, no one ever does, but its still been good!

Ronnekka is doing well! We love her! She was at church with her son, Kenyon, and it was really awesome. She is going to be a pioneer for her family: she is the only non-member, and the only one coming to church. BUT! her younger Brother, Aaron, has been working with the Young Men’s President, and he will be working toward becoming a Priest, so that he can Baptize his sister! Honestly, the best news!

We continue to meet with Richard, he is doing well! His date will probably not be for a little bit, but he is progressing nicely. We love him as well!

Believe it or not, we have spent a lot of time CAROLING this week (Mom, I know, mostly I just sing really quietly: you know from all of those years of me shower-singin that I should NOT be caroling!) BUT it has been a lot of fun! AND we have given out SO many cards. BUT last night, we were walking, and I just hear this woman SCREAMING out of excitement, I turn around and it was some members from the last ward I served in in Apple Valley! We all took a picture together, and it was just SUCH a happy reunion. It feels awesome to know that the service that I am doing effects people.

Well, have a great week!



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