Email #23

Alright, you are getting email this email today from a very tired, nervous, but excited and a little confused missionary! Let me start by saying, this past week was the most amazing week of my entire mission.

This past transfer was really cool, working with missionaries as a District Leader. It has been a lot of fun to share in their excitement. In the district, we started this tradition of texting in miracles as they occur throughout the week, and then sharing those with the rest of the district. This week started off with so many miracles throughout the district! By Tuesday, it seemed that the whole district had been seeing a miracle a minute: A relief society president would text with a request to see someone in need while a set of missionaries were already in their home. A set of Sisters picked up 2 investigators in a day. It was literally just non-stop, and we could just feel the excitement as those miracles were shared!

Elder Harris and I had our own miracles this week: We were able to pick up 2 new investigators! And get this, they were totally through tracting and contacting! One of them is an older lady named Lena, who’s whole family are members of the Church living in Missouri. We met her, and told her about the strength that the scriptures give us, and we were able to talk specifically about the Book of Mormon. After we talked, her face lit up, “well, I guess I better read that book”!

The other new investigator is a really cool Vietnamese guy named Kevin, he is studying to be an X-ray technician. There is a slight language barrier, but he has a very strong desire, it is fun to see. Funny story, we used to scripture in Amos 8:11 to describe the great apostasy, and likened the need for food like the need for the Word of God during that time. We then asked him to pay attention to the way that he felt as we recited the First Vision. After it was said, we asked Kevin, “Well, how do you feel?” and he said, “Sad!”
We asked him why it was that he said he was said, and he said, “because he didn’t have any food!”
We learned a valuable lesson about teaching more simply, and the power of asking questions during lessons. SO funny. (sorry if that story makes no sense, if it doesnt, maybe check this out…”

The absolute biggest miracle we saw this week was on Thursday. We were walking to go and see some former investigators, went to there place, they weren’t there, so we were walking somewhere else (I am pretty sure back to our apartment for dinner, before our lesson with Ronnekka, she is doing well by the way, has a baptismal date for January 30th!) and we were walking past this GIGANTIC hospital in our area. We were talking to a bunch of people as we walked by, and I met this gaze of this one woman who stopped in her tracks when she saw us. She stopped and stared, and we walked towards her.
“You’re Mormons?”
We answered yes, and she said, “You are the ones who give blessings too then?”
again, the answer was yes, and she started rummaging through her purse rather indifferently. During this she says,
“My step-daughter has been trying to get one of you guys to give my husband a blessing. will you just go up to room 359 and see if he wants one?”

We answered with an even more emphatic yes than the previous two, and ran up to room 359. We walked in to Harry Williams room, and he laughed as we walked around the curtain:
“My daughter sent you?”
“Nope, your wife!”
You could imagine the confusion, but we told him the story. At this point, beyond the quick dialogue with his wife, we did not know much of the situation, besides that the priesthood was needed! We offered a blessing, and he accepted.
Afterwards, he told us about his daughter being the only member of our church in the family, and how his grandson had just returned from a mission like we were on. He got emotional as he thought of his grandson, and then grabbed his phone.
“Will you talk to my daughter? She lives in North Carolina.”
At this point, call us the Yes Men. She was on the phone in seconds, and we relayed the story to her. Through tears, she excitedly told us HER side of the story:
“Elders, my father has been in the hospital for 30 days now. We have prayed every night for him, and even fasted that he would get well, but more specifically for him to get a blessing! Do you know that you just answered that prayer?!”

We were speechless. Even stubborn Harry Williams cried as he heard the emotion in his daughter’s voice. We thanked them both, wished Harry to get well soon, and left.

The following evening, his daughter called our phone. Harry was about to be discharged from the hospital, and the doctor ran in to do one final test. The test came back positive for (I am guessing how to spell this, I have no idea) C-DIf, and they were finally able to treat him for the sickness that had left him in the hospital for 30 days. We were all blown away.

Each and every day, I am more convinced that what I am doing is the Lord’s work! And that I only have such a small, small part of it. Prayer is SO real! I love it.

Well, after that amazing week in Upland 2nd ward, this Elder is now in Upland THIRD ward. Yep, I was transferred to the ward just north of us. I have the opportunity to serve now as a Zone Leader over the same district that I was just District Leader over. Scary, and confusing, but I am grateful that the Lord has so much trust. I have NO idea what I am doing! But I have felt so much strength and excitement about the work today.

Alright, one more funny story:
This week we had TORRENTIAL downpours (for California at least, I wasn’t phased too much) But us and these other Elders got caught in it. Literally SOAKED to the core, we decided to do the only productive thing we could think to do: Hold Mormon.Org signs, on the side of the road, and encourage people to splash us. I mean, we had traffic jams of people laughing and taking pictures of the Mormon Missionaries outside holding signs, and it seriously made people’s days. I will send pictures next week. I think at least one person visited the website because of it. Maybe…

Hey, I love you all! Keep it One Hunnid, Stay Classy San Francisco, and remember Jesus TOTALLY loves you.

-Elder WIlhelm


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