Email #24

Hello! How are you all? This has been another great week!
We had a Missionary Leadership Conference this week, it was really a lot of fun, and an amazing spiritual experience. We were able to learn a lot. I am SO Grateful for the things that I am able to learn as a missionary. I mean, this month’s topic is studying! If there is one thing I want to take home with me, its the love I have found of studying the scriptures… and of STUDYING in general! I needed that! ha.

We are still trying to work with Brian and Janell, they were not home for our appointment, but we caught them later in the week! So we will keep working with them! Other than that, we have a few Less-active members that we are working with. One is a man named Gary McKcay. If that name seems familiar, its because he was actually adopted by David O. McKay’s son (or maybe grandson, I can’t remember) so that is pretty cool. He is a super cool guy, and he and I talk about hunting alot, which is really cool! And we had stake conference this week, we invited him, and he cried through most of it… He tries to act all tough, but he is no match for the Spirit! We have dinner with him again on Thursday.

Well, not too much else to report on! I hope you have a great week!



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