Email #25

Hello everyone! Another happy week! This is Elder Vasseur’s last week in the mission, and so we are sad and happy for him. Poor guy! He seems so lost: he is excited to go home, but has loved being a missionary. It is cool to serve around him during this time.

Well, it was busy, for sure this week!

First of all, I saw snow yesterday! here is a picture:<DSC_8646.JPG>

BUT, that doesn’t have much to do with missionary work! We had an amazing lesson with Janell and Brian last night, they are the ones I talked about a couple of weeks ago. The lesson was amazing, we just talked about the Book of Mormon and that it is another testament of Jesus Christ. Seriously, I feel like we blow people’s minds when they find out that we aren’t going around talking to people constantly about Joseph Smith, or giving them a book about Joseph Smith! If only they knew! I am glad I ahve the chance to tell them 🙂

We saw a less-active family, the Hanson’s. We go over each week, and we share lessons with them (They have two kids: 11 (Jake) and Lissette (9) ). As we were leaving, thinking that the lesson was a jumbled mess, and that the kids got nothing out of the lesson, and that Brother Hanson was just ready for us to leave, he calls out “Hey, it means a lot to us, that you keep coming. We know we aren’t perfect, but we are trying. And… we just really love that you still keep coming and you help us”. Such humble, sincere words, that had obviously been on his mind for a while. We thanked him, and left. That was just such a feeling of joy!

Another day this week we spent going and seeing a lot of families that we did not know on our ward list. We spent quite a few hours on this, and the last name on our list was a Sister Hall. We knocked on her door, and almost jumped through the roof SO excited that elders were visiting her for the first time in years, and she had just been diagnosed with Breast cancer and needed a blessing. She asked me to give the blessing, and we both were crying by the end. Such a happy happy moment. I am confident all will be well with Sister Hall!

Well, I hope you have another good week! transfers are this week, so who knows what will be happening! I hope I get to stay here in Upland FOREVER!



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