Email #27-written Feb 1, 2016

*This may be slightly out of order. 🙂

Alright, so we are in a trio now (like I said last week) and wow, we are having just about TOO much fun! Life is really good.
Tuesday we got to give a training in front of the zone/our Mission President, and so elder Redhair and I were SUPER nervous! If anyone knows me when I get nervous… Well, I was not a huge ball of sunshine! ha, but after the training was finished (and it went REALLY, REALLY well, our Misssion President emailed us this week and said he really enjoyed it. We were just happy it didn’t flop) I think we were both feeling much lighter and we were all working together in unity again, ha.
We had an awesome lesson with some new investigators named J____ and B____ this week! They are a young couple who were raised Catholic and Seventh Day Adventist. They have been seeking the truth for years, and literally told us that they have just been waiting for God to manifest the truth to them through the Holy Ghost! Uh, what? We have another lesson with them tonight, so wish us luck!
We went on exchanges twice this week, and on Wednesday, I was able to go on exchanges with the missionary that is the assistant to President Hobbs, our mission president. One of the greatest days ever! Cool miracle: we were driving down the road, and there was this woman outside, walking from her car. We had the feeling we needed to go and talk to her, and so we turned around quickly, even though we were in a hurry to a different lesson. When we knocked on her door, she answered, and invited us in! After talking to her for a while, we found out she was a member of the church, in another ward! We shared a scripture with her, and she started crying just a little bit. It was a scripture from Isaiah about how God does not forget those that he loves. We had no idea why were sharing that scripture. I told the woman that I was so grateful for the scriptures and how they showed God’s love for us, and for the knowledge that he did know me and love me. She said, “HOW do you know?” and without answering, I told her that He loved her, too. “Well, how do you know THAT?!” There was a real concern in this life-long member’s voice. We told her again just how we had ended up at her home, and there was a blank stare that came over her, as she put some pieces together in her head: a random visit from missionaries, a scripture about God loving us. She (again through tears) says, “I have been praying for the last few nights about whether or not God knew me, and if he cared about me. I think he is answering my prayers!”
We were grateful that the Spirit was working with her, because we had no idea what we were doing there! But we were grateful for the opportunity to serve her, and to bring the Spirit into her home!
Well, that is about it for this week! Here is a picture of my companions! Elder Vasseur (right) goes home in 3 weeks!
Talk to yall soon!



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