Email #29–written March 7, 2016

I am going to really quickly go through all of the people that we are working with, so then when I talk about them later in the upcoming weeks, you will know exactly who I am talking about, and you can just reference this email. Sound good? K!

So, as far as investigators (people who are not members of the church, we are working with:

J__ and B___:
They are sweet, J was raised Catholic, B___ was Seventh day-adventist. He is a ______ LA county, so you can imagine, his biceps are huge, but he is a super cool guy. They have 3 kids of their own, and they are fostering to adopt a 9 month old little girl (Mom, you would freak if you saw this smiley little girl, she NEVER cries) who is the daughter of a family member in a bad situation. Literally GREAT people. They recognize that there is probably one true church on the earth, and we are helping them find out what God’s church would be like. We have had a few appointments with them, we found them tracting! crazy, huh?

Another tracting success story! A___ is an RN, his wife is a teacher. They have two little girls, one is 2, the other is 4 months. They are neighobors with a member of our church. So get this, we knock on their door, and they had already been to our church like 3 times. NEVER happens. We have taught the restoration to them, and then taught just about the Book of Mormon, and the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a lesson with him this Sunday.

B___ B___:
B____ is seriously the coolest kid. He is in high school, his mom is a member of the church. She does not come very often, but she has always wanted B___ to get into coming to church himself. He plays the trumpet, and drives a 64 mustang that his dad restored.

We also have a lot of work with Less-active families:

G____ is adopted into the M___ family… like the famous church ones. He is a great man, he has been living with his girlfriend for 14 years, and GUESS WHAT, they are getting married on April Fool’s day! We are so impressed by him, he has not been active in the church his whole life, and he is really trying hard to change what he has been doing in his life. We love watching his progress.

K___ J____:
K___ was a long-lost member who was found by tracting. He has had a really rough life: has been smoking and drinking since he was 11, and then he was a drug runner for 10 years. He turned his life around, but has been struggling ever since he got out of the drug scene. We are helping him quit smoking. He has come to church with us every Sunday for as long as I have been here, and we have just watched Ken become happier and happier! It is the greatest blessing.

Those are some of the major ones, I may add some more next week!

Other than that, lets talk about this past week. Saturday I had the chance to go on exchanges, and spend the day BACK in Upland 2nd ward: The ward I was in for 4.5 months before I came to Upland 3rd ward! Get this: I slept in my old bed, studied at my old desk, had the same companion. I mean, you NEVER get chances like this! It was totally surreal. I am not sure if you all remember, but before I was transferred, we were working a lot with the Less-Active family, the W___. They are the coolest, they were trying so hard to set things right. Well, I had the chance to go back and teach them one more time, and holy moses, what a joyful reunion! It was amazing to see them again, and we were just stoked. I was able to see that they were still working hard to go to church, to read and to make it back to the temple. I felt like like Alma when he was reunited with the Sons of Mosiah! There is NOTHING better than finding out that people you love so much are still happy and still “brethren in the Lord”. I mean, that is Joy people!

We are a happy bunch of missionaries in the Upland zone, it is a pleasure to serve here. I hope you all have a perfect week!

Elder Wilhelm


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