Email #30–written March 14, 2016

Well if you were at all wondering what my subject is about, we were able to see ELDER BEDNAR (of the quorum of the 12 apostle, if that doesn’t make sense: ) not once, but TWICE in the past two days.
One of which was a special missionary meeting, in which the whole mission got together to hear from him. So basically It was the greatest thing ever. and the meeting was so cool. It was three hours, it felt like 5 minutes, and he just sort of opened it up to us. We were assigned three talks by him to study and so he allowed us to just talk about what we learned, and then he would teach us based on what we had discussed, it was so cool!
BUT GET THIS! We go to church Yesterday, and during Sacrament meeting, guess who shows up AGAIN? ELDER BEDNAR! WHAT! what are the chances? I was able to see him twice and that was super cool.

Okay, well one update that I can give is on A____! We has a great lesson with him last night. We were on splits, because we had two lessons, so I went with a guy in the ward, Brother P____, and Elder Redhair (for those of you curious, yes my companion’s last name is literally ‘Redhair’) went with a guy named Brother H___.
Teaching A___ is TOO easy, he has all of these amazing questions and just wants to be better. The Spirit was strong as Brother P____ bore testimony of the church, and I had an impression to ask him, “I know this sounds weird, but, A___ what are you thinking?” He says, “I am thinking that this is right. and that I like this stuff. I don’t know. I was telling my wife, I am not sure what to expect, but I want to move forward.”
Does that stuff even happen?! It was super cool, A___ is feeling the Spirit!

Yesterday was K__ birthday, and so Elder Redhair and I had a gift for him. He was so touched that we remembered, he is a great guy. He hasn’t smoked in a couple of days… the longest he has been since he was 12 years old. So much fun to watch him become just HAPPY.

Well life is good here! Hope you all are doing well!

-Elder Wilhelm


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