Email #33–written April 18, 2016

Well hello everybody!

Alright, so this past week was probably one of the happiest weeks of my whole mission! I am so blessed to be serving in the Tongan ward, and have just been so amazed by the love these people have!

I guess I can just share some of the cool experiences we had this week:

1) well, we also cover the victorville parkview ward, which is just a normal ward. We have a super cool investigator named Britta: she is 76, and just the sweetest old lady. We taught her all about the structure of the church: A prophet, 12 apostles, and just how in general we don’t have a paid clergy. She cried! Sweetest woman ever, she introduced us to her garbage man, and said, “you know, you should talk to these young men. I know you are Catholic, but what they say… its good stuff. and its working!” Britta is super excited about being baptized, but she has a lot of trouble with sleeping, and says that she does not have the energy to come to church yet. She is a sharp lady! She knows the bible way better than I do!

2) SIA! Sia is the coolest! She just moved from Tonga like a month ago, and so she knows like ZERO english. We have “taught” her 3 lessons so far, which literally means we say an opening prayer, and the ward mission leader and a ward missionary teaches the lessons in Tongan. It is one of the coolest things! The spirit is just so strong in those lessons, even when I often have no idea what is being said. But Yesterday, she agreed to be Baptized, and without really even knowing what was being said, as soon as she said yes, Elder Shumway and I just looked at each other and smiled! We knew what she had just committed to, and it was awesome!

Beyond that, we have just seen so many miracles. We have taught plenty of lessons, and had a lot of opportunities to teach and testify here in Victorville. I love it!

It is so amazing to me everyday just how when we apply the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives, we are blessed and happy. Being with these humble people, many of who have little money and not the greatest living situations, but who just radiate so much light and happiness has taught me so much. I KNOW that the principles we teach people bring so much happiness! How easy it is to share that with those we meet.

I am grateful to be a missionary. I am happy, and I know that this church is true. I love my Savior Jesus Christ, I love talking about Him so much. Its so perfect.

I hope you all have a great week! Pictures next week, I promise!


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