Email #34–written April 25, 2016

Today is COLD! I am ready for the desert summer! I am glad this is in writing, so when it is 110 degrees, and I am complaining about that, you can call me out on it!

Folks, it was a great week. I am just so humbled by these people! They are incredibly kind. Fun fact, I ripped my pants getting into the car the other day, and we were with a member. He did not skip a beat, just said, “Don’t worry, my wife fix them”. It did not really help the rest of the day, but I really appreciated him and his kindness.

We have taught the same people this week as last week, and everything is going very well. Sia will most likely be baptized on May 7th! we are so excited!

Sorry this is a short letter! Hope you all have a great week!


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